Time to Replace your Old Ceiling Fans


On an average, one person in Delhi use around 43 units per month against the national average of 25. With the temperature creeping upward in the month of April, the energy consumption is going to rise further. By reducing the amount of energy consumed per day you can help to cut back on costs and save the environment. That’s a win-win in our books! It just takes a few simple steps to be more energy efficient.

Let’s start with most overlooked appliance and considered to consume less power – The Ceiling Fans.

Look around at your ceiling fans and see if any of them might need replacement. Or maybe, like me if you are buying a new fan look for efficient options. The market is busting with efficient fans, thanks to push by Bureau of Old fanEnergy Efficiency (BEE) and efforts of Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL). Although the price of the energy efficient (EE) star labelled fans might seem high compared to their non-star fans, but if we look at ever rising electricity costs, and do little mathematics the payback will be within one summer (considering Rs. 5/unit). So opting for EE fans makes a lot of sense especially if you have high usage of fans (24×7).

The efficiency of the ceiling fan is ratio of air delivered by fan in cubic mtrs per minute & electrical power inputs in watts, when fan is operated at rated voltage. Here are the top 5 EE fans ranked based on their energy consumption with current price and technical specifications under 1200 mm sweep area with air delivery of 200 to 210 cmm. The most efficient fan will consume about 1 unit if run continuously for 36 hours. 

Comparison Table

Some of these EE fans are available in different colors and decorative design so no compromise on looks as well.

On a bit of compromise you can also take benefit of recent scheme launched in Uttar Pradesh by Ministry of power to distribute 50W, 5 star rated EE fans at upfront cost of Rs. 1300 . If you’re looking for the really high efficacy ceiling fans, you probably can look for SUPERFANS, which are higher in saving and investment again available at subsidized rates.

Apart from this, hope you are adopting these methods already (if not DO IT RIGHT NOW)

  • During the summer keep curtains/blinds closed on the side of the house that receives the most sun. This will help to keep your home cooler and ultimately reducing AC power consumption.
  • Unplug! Turn off all lights and unplug all appliances not in use.
  • Turn off the fans, when you are not in the room
  • Use appliances with the energy star approval by BEE.

Let’s be more conscious and efficient this summer.


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